Henderson Valley Tyres


Our Team

At Henderson Valley Tyres we've been giving the right tyre advice and assistance for over 20 years and our small team has close to 100 years of experience in the tyre game.



 Left to right:  Mark, Pip, Wes, Steve and Rick


Mark has been working at Henderson Valley Tyres since he was 18.  He's still keen to get his hands dirty and is a specialist with commercial tyres.  In his spare time he plays golf.

Pip has worked in the office for 22 years and keeps the boys in line.  When not at work she enjoys spending time with her family and plays social netball.

Wes has been with us for about 25 years.  He enjoys supporting his children with their sporting and school activities and loves to fish  He's keen to help you get the best tyres for your car at the right price.

As the owner of the business,  Steve has been learning more and more about the tyre industry.  In the 34 years that he has been working at Henderson Valley Tyres he and his team can definitely help you with the correct tyre advice for your vehicle's safety.  Steve is a committed family man, who enjoys the occasional game of golf and loves to fish, when he gets the chance.

Rick has been working at Henderson Valley Tyres for 21 years, but has spent more time in the industry with other tyre shops.  This knowledge and experience has made it ideal to step into the Manager role.    Rick is also a keen golfer and fisherman and enjoys spending time with his family.